Open letter to WSPA members and non-members school psychologists.

As the incoming WSPA president I want to tell you that I am humbled and feel somewhat unworthy of leading such a great group of people.  I do not know if I can live up to our previous president Howard’s example of being such an honest and genuine person who is thoughtful and thorough in everything he says and does.  I also feel that I lack the dedication and drive displayed by Sarah, the previous past president, who had a vision to re-write the WSPA bylaws, I may better fit the model of the previous-previous past president of Eldon who relied on his team of support to manage the organization.

My vision is to serve not only the WSPA members but all of the school psychologists in Wyoming.  I am not a spokesperson for school psychologists in other states, regions, or NASP.  People who know me know that I am caring and helpful towards all people including staff, parents, and students, but not always well spoken, well written, or politically correct.  I am, at times, outspoken about my views on the NASP organization being too political or an extension of the liberal left’s agenda.  I do not believe the field of school psychology should be viewed as being political in any way or be driven by social activism.  We should do our jobs in a fair and ethical manner that is intended to help educate all kids and support their teachers and families regardless of social or political views.  I tend to think outside the box by gathering small pieces of information to get a big picture view on an issue.  In that way, I am able to be an independent thinker.  I do not always speak up and at times feel uncomfortable when talking with groups, so I do not get all of my thoughts out clearly.  I may also lack in my foresight to ask for input from others.  I work in a small community as the only school psychologist within Weston County WY.  I am used to working by myself and figuring things out on my own and need to learn to seek advice from others.

I want to focus on issues that are most relevant to the state of Wyoming and ultimately Wyoming students.  For me to serve others, I need good communication from and to the school psychologists who work in Wyoming.  I guess what I am saying is that I need you to help me help you. I want school psychologists across our state to feel that they could and should reach out to our organization to get guidance, make comments, or ask questions.

I feel that at the core of the association, it needs to do 3 things for school psychologists in Wyoming.

  1. Be a source for professional guidance and help promote the state’s school psychologists’ skills to reflect best practices and/or changes to our profession that works best within Wyoming.
  • Be an avenue to get the required PTSB and NCSP continuing education credits.
  • To work closely with the WDE to help with training, guidance, and policy changes that affect school psychologists and make sense for school districts, parents, and students.
  • To help Wyoming School Psychologists receive professional development opportunities that they can use in their practice.
  1. I believe in local control of education, I would support finding ways to help local school districts find and use school psychologists to help teachers, parents, and students increase academic achievement within their districts.
  • School psychologists are unique and have a diverse set of specialty skills. We could increase employment opportunities by identifying a school psychologist’s strengths and interests and matching them with the many needs of each district.
  • I want to use school psychologist’s communication skills and school system knowledge to increase parent involvement and input into general and special education processes.
  1. Advocate for Wyoming School Psychologist’s legislative issues
    1. Work on behalf of Wyoming school psychologists to pass or oppose legislation to benefit our profession
    2. Stay alert to potential legal problems and intervene when appropriate.
    3. Inform WSPA members of the problems and work on solutions to the problems.

My personal goal is to build a working relationship with the WSPA members.  I want them to know that I am available to help them with their Wyoming school psychology questions and concerns.  I want the members to feel comfortable contacting me or any WSPA board member with the goal to help support them in the work they do.

Scott McGuire


116 Casper Ave

Newcastle WY, 82701

Wk – 307-746-9524

Cell – 307-941-0523

[email protected]

WSPA – President Vision 2023