Below is a question from a WSPA Member

Hello. I was hoping to get some guidance on a recent issue I’ve had. During an eligibility meeting, the parents asked that I take out my narrative explaining what the behavior results meant. They were fine with the results of the rating forms being left in the report, but felt the narrative made their child seem like a behavior problem. I’ve always been told to not change my report once I’ve submitted it. In my chart of ratings, I also have the definitions attached to each of the behavior categories, so those are explained, as well as what elevated ratings are and mean.

I stand by my report and nothing in it is invalid. So, in this case, since it wouldn’t alter the results/data from the rating form, would you say it is okay to take out the narrative? Or would you still not change the report?

If you can provide any guidance on this, or if you have any sources I could reference, I would very much appreciate it.