May 13th, 2021
Simple Behavior Intervention Plans: Road Maps to Change Any Student’s Behavior!
Presenter: Aaron Stabel, BCBA

The large majority of behavior problems in schools are not serious or severe but disrupt the learning environment on a regular basis. Proactively addressing these behavior challenges with evidence-based strategies reduces the risk of these issues growing into larger problems. A Simple Behavior Plan designed to prevent, teach, and respond provides educators the road maps they need to effectively and efficiently manage these behavior challenges. This workshop shows educators how to create and implement individualized Simple Behavior Plans using Behavior Advantage, making the process both efficient and practical.

Any educator, from administrators to paraprofessionals, are invited to join this workshop intended to build capacity across your site to successfully manage student behaviors. Student-specific behavior planning resources and tasks are provided, so your teams can start building actual behavior plans now!

About the Presenter: Aaron Stabel is a Board Certified Beh

avior Analyst (BCBA) and founder of Behavior Advantage. Behavior Advantage was created to help educators use their resources more efficiently to address challenging student behaviors. Aaron has extensive experience providing professional development and consultation to school districts across the country and the Wyoming Institute for Disabilities (WIND) at the University of Wyoming. You can register at www.wyschoolpsych.org under the event registration tab!
Registration will be open until Monday, 5/10/21
Cost is $99 for WSPA Members; $150 for non-members (it’s free to join WSPA!)
Questions? Contact Tara Clapp at [email protected]