The Wyoming School Psychology Association is currently accepting nominations for board positions for Northeast Representative (2 year term), Southeast Representative (2 year term), Secretary (2 year term), Treasurer (4 year term), and President Elect (2 year term which will then become President-2 year term). Being a member of the WSPA board is an excellent way to get involved at the state level.  It is an opportunity to be a part of a statewide professional organization and can be a meaningful and rewarding addition to a person’s school psychology career.  It is an opportunity to collaborate with members within your region and across the state and can help you gain insights into how the WSPA works with the Wyoming Department of Education or other state agencies.

As a Regional Representative, you will report to the board regarding issues and concerns school psychologists in your region are facing and help disseminate important information from the board to your regional members.

As Secretary, you are an active conduit for communication between board members. You will be responsible for taking meeting minutes and distributing communication materials among members.

As Treasurer, you are responsible for keeping clear records of the board’s financial statements and revenue.

As President Elect, you will collaborate with the President to learn the role of the President, become familiar with the duties of the role and facilitate the officer transition to President. You may also preside over meetings and other presidential duties when the President is absent.

Each of these positions is an elected position and the term begins August 1st, 2023. If you are interested in becoming involved as a WSPA board member, please email Lindsey Schumaker at [email protected] and indicate the position in which you are interested. Ballots will be sent to all WSPA members in April. The President Elect, Treasurer, and Secretary positions are open to any Wyoming school psychologist to apply. Regional Representatives are strictly for school psychologists working in that region. Please consider this amazing involvement opportunity. Nominations for positions will be accepted until March 31st, 2023.

NE Rep: Campbell Co. SD #1, Crook Co. SD #1, Johnson Co. SD #1, Sheridan Co. SD #1, Sheridan Co. SD #2, Sheridan Co. SD #3, Weston Co. SD #1, Weston Co. SD #7.

SE Rep: Albany Co. SD #1, Carbon Co. SD #1, Carbon Co. SD #2, Goshen Co. SD #1, Laramie Co. SD #1, Laramie Co. SD #2, Platte Co. SD #1, Platte Co. SD #2.


Lindsey Schumaker, Ed.S., NCSP
WSPA Elections and Awards Chairperson