To WSPA Members,

We recently submitted the attached recommendations for changes to the certified Specialist in school psychology (CSSP) credential with hopes that school psychs will have more opportunities to work outside of schools. If you could find some time to complete the attached form letter or write your own to the Wyoming board of psychology to adopt these changes, I think it would be really helpful. The letter or your comments can be submitted to the address or email below. Thank you in advance!!

Written comments will be accepted at the following address through February 16, 2021:

Wyoming State Board of Psychology

2001 Capitol Ave Rm 105

Cheyenne, WY  82002

Or by email to [email protected]

Also, feel free to forward this to anyone in the state of Wyoming (school psych or otherwise) that might be willing to support this cause.

Click Below For Attachments

WBP-CSSP letter 

WBP form letter