***Post Written by Eldon Clifford, President Elect for WSPA***

Hello WSPA Members,

Below you will find a small selection of suggested summer reading material for the summer. Given the current happenings around the country, and the focus of our upcoming Summer Institute in Jackson (8/6-8/8), I thought I would base the selection on trauma/crisis prevention and intervention. The last selection is a “fun” read to take with you to the pool or the beach. If you have not read it yet, I would certainly recommend you do, and for those of you who prefer digital media, there is a movie based on the book (staring Emily Blunt). *I will be truthful in admitting, I did not read every book selected…………

Have a great summer and I look forward to seeing you at the Summer Institute.


Best Practices in Crisis Prevention and Intervention

Authors: Shane R. Jimerson and Stephen E. Brock

NASP Member Price: $125.00 Nonmember Price: $156.00

ISBN-10: 0932955665; ISBN-13: 978-0932955661

School Crisis The PREPaRE Model, 2nd Edition

Authors: S. Brock, A. Nickerson, M. Louvar Reeves, C. Conolly, S. Jimerson, R. Pesce, and B. Lazzaro

NASP Nonmember Price: $90.00 Member Price: $72.00

ISBN-10: 0932955193; ISBN-13: 978-0932955197

Trauma Through a Child’s Eyes: Awakening the Ordinary Miracle of Healing

Authors: Peter A. Levine Ph.D. and Maggie Kline

ISBN-10: 1556436300; ISBN-13: 978-1556436307

Cost: $16.99-$19.99 (Amazon: Kindle/paperback)

Treating Infants and Young Children Impacted by Trauma: Interventions That Promote Healthy Development

Authors: Joy D. Osofsky, PhD, Phillip T. Stepka, PsyD, and Lucy S. King

APA Member/Affiliate Price: $33.71; List Price: $44.95

ISBN: 978-1-4338-2769-3

The Girl on the Train

Author: by Paula Hawkins

ISBN-10: 1594634025; ISBN-13: 978-1594634024

Cost: $6.00/10.00 (Amazon: Kindle/paperback)