Northeast Region Wyoming School Psychology Spring 2021 Survey Results

A survey was given to school psychologist in Northeastern Wyoming to gather their input on various current school psychology issues relevant to the state.  A vast majority of the respondents indicated that the WSPA should work with the WDE on updates to the state’s Chapter 7 Rules and Regulations that govern the state’s special education laws.  100% of the survey takers wanted to see changes made to the current Developmental Delay eligibility requirements.

What state school psychology issue would you like the WSPA to address on your behalf?
Chapter 7 rules and regulation changes. 85.71%
Increased salaries. 42.86%
Advocate to hire more school psychologists within your district. 14.29%
Social Justice issues 0.00%
None, do not work with the Wyoming state government on school psychology issues. 0.00%
Other (please specify) – advocate for school psychologists to be able to pursue more employment opportunities  

Which of these eligibility criteria definitions would you like to see changed in future Chapter 7 rules and regulations updates?

SLD discrepancy model 62.50%
Speech Language disability criteria 25.00%
Developmental Delay eligibility requirements 100.00%
None, leave WY Chapter 7 rules as they are written. 0.00%
Other (please specify) – update to who is considered a medical provider  


When asked about professional development and the COVID preventative measures, most respondents were ready to attend in person conferences without mandates or restrictions.  The survey participants would prefer additional professional development training in academic/behavioral interventions.

Would you feel comfortable meeting in person in a large group for a statewide WSPA conference?
Yes, I am currently comfortable meeting in a large group with a personal choice of PPE. 75.00%
Yes, I am comfortable meeting in large groups but only with a PPE mandate for all members present. 12.50%
Yes, I am comfortable meeting in large groups without a PPE mandate only if people were spaced at least 6 feet apart when sitting. 12.50%
No, I would not attend a WSPA conference in person due to fear of catching the corona virus. 0.00%
Other (please specify) – WSPA provide a virtual format for the conferences, but PPE is not needed for in person conferences  
In what area do you feel you need additional professional development training?
Academic/behavioral interventions 71.43%
Assessment administration/interpretation guidance 0.00%
Student Counseling 14.29%
Race/gender social justice sensitivity training 14.29%
Other (please specify) 0.00%

On the subjects of COVID related factors that negatively affected their job over the past year along with worries about future employment.  The top 3 COVID regulations that negatively affected SPED eligibility evaluations were wearing a mask, social distancing, and student/staff absences.  Most school psychologists reported that they worry about district budget cuts that could impact them personally.


What corona virus regulation changes have negatively impacted your job effectiveness the most?
Internet based MDT/IEP and/or staff meetings 25.00%
Wearing a mask when testing students 50.00%
Trying to social distance during the evaluations 37.50%
Student or teacher absences during the evaluation process 37.50%
None, the evaluation process did not change or negatively impact the evaluation process 12.50%
Other (please specify) – fear of increased suicide rate due to missed student supports 12.50%
What factors worry you the most about your job?
District budget cuts. 75.00%
District enrollment changes. 37.50%
Expansion of current duties. 25.00%
Possible other staff changes within the district. 37.50%
Nothing, I am not worried about my job. 0.00%
Other (please specify) 0.00%


Thank you, to all Northeast region WSPA members who participated in this survey.