***Post written by anonymous WSPA member***

As the number of school shootings across America continues to rise with no end in sight, the collective cry from federal, state, and local officials is “we must do something!”  Unfortunately, that “something” often takes the path of least resistance.  Controlling law abiding citizens access to firearms is now the mantra heard across every major media outlet and is supported by left leaning institutions across the nation.  Major peddlers of sporting goods have now banned “assault” weapons and 17-year-old teenage victims have been anointed experts on our American Constitution.  It’s enough to make this School Psychologist check in to an underfunded and understaffed mental health facility.

As leaders in school mental health, school psychologists ought to be on the forefront of this disturbing trend.  What are we doing about this phenomenon?  Have local school boards asked for your opinion? Let’s have an honest discussion about this scourge plaguing our great country instead of debating the merits or constitutionality of gun control.