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***Post written by a member of WSPA***

On April 7, 2020, the National Association of School Psychologists released an email to members maintaining the National Certification credential indicating that the National School Psychology Certification Board had increased the number of continuing professional development hours allowed through Self-Study from 25-40. For school psychologists who are or will be in the processing of renewing the NCSP credential between 2020 and 2023, Category H: Self-Study of the NCSP renewal form has been changed to reflect the allotted 40 hours of self-study.  Members will still need to provide a certificate of completion or Activity Documentation Form listing at least four resources used for each informal self-study topics as evidence of the self-study. NASP has taken these steps in response to the current situation and lack of face-to-face professional development opportunities available.  However, members should not forget the other categories of continuing professional development credit.  For instance, documentation of program planning or evaluation can be used as continuing professional development as well as professional organization leadership roles.  Continue to be thoughtful and creative about professional development opportunities. Encourage fellow members when opportunities come along as we face an unprecedented time in our profession. We cannot forget to continue to move forward, grow and learn.  Even though we are experiencing new and ever-changing job descriptions; perhaps, we should look at the opportunity for professional development and self-study as an opportunity to get back to what we know.