***Post wriitten Michael Crane, Treasurer for WSPA***

I just read this blurb in a magazine and found it quite interesting.  A study performed by researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Soroka University Medical Center, both in Beersheba, Israel, published in Nature:

In a study of 188 child patients formally diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder- average age of 13- use of cannabis oil containing 30% nonpsychoactive CBD and 1.5 % THC resulted in nearly 80% reporting moderate or significant symptom improvement within a month.  Fourteen percent said cannabis did not help symptoms, and 6% reported side effects including sleepiness, restlessness, reflux or lack of appetite.  After 6 months, with now 155 patients remaining in the study, about 85% reported moderate or significant improvement in symptoms… 67% said that their quality of life had improved…and more than 63% reported a more positive mood.  Obviously, this needs to be studied further but thought it quite interesting.