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***Post written by Laura Lane, Secretary for WSPA***

I receive an online newsletter from ADDITUDE.  Some of the recent articles that have caught my interest include one titled How a Physician Treats ADHD with Combination Therapy.  The basis of this article is that using a combination of stimulant therapy at a lower dose with a dose of a non-stimulant.  This was reported to help reduce side effects and improve family time including fewer meltdowns, better sleep and wake-up times and improved overall symptoms.  A caution was given that this may be more expensive as two medications are used but taking a lower dose of the stimulant may help off-set the cost of the non-stimulant addition.

A second article from the ADDITUDE, What if Paleo Really is the Answer, discusses the benefits of a high protein, low sugar, no-additive diet.  This may be good information to share with parents as we often get questions about how to help the child with attention and focus issues.

In addition to articles, the ADDITUDE website also offers free webinars on a variety of topics.  I have signed up to listen to a few of these in the near future as time allows.  There are also previously recorded webinars that can be accessed for professional development days.

Another interesting newsletter that I receive is from .  This comes weekly and focuses on a different topic each week.  There are parent and staff friendly articles on many topics related to emotional and behavioral concerns.

I am not promoting either of these sites as having all the answers, but I often find useful information on relevant topics.