***Post written by Laura Lane, Secretary for WSPA***

WSPA has had Dr. David Kilpatrick come to present at conferences 2 times.  I have brought this information back to my district’s reading intervention team at the K-3 level.  They have taken this on and in January of 2018, my district had Dr. Kilpatrick come to present a one-day highlights.  The K-3 building has since incorporated more intensive phonemic awareness teaching. In addition to the Equipped for Reading Success book, our reading intervention specialists have also read and discussed the book Language at the Speed of Sight by Mark Seidenberg.  This book has inspired additional discussion regarding the importance of phonemic awareness and the science of reading.  Mr. Seidenberg discusses the process of how we are educating those we entrust to teach reading. The science and research around how children learn to read is not being utilized.  I highly recommend this book.

A short article I would also recommend for those interested is Hard Words-Why aren’t kids being taught to read?

Other information that can easily be shared with teachers can be found on the YouTube site The Reading League.  This site has numerous videos regarding many of the topics in the Kilpatrick book.

As school psychologists, we need to continue to encourage the use of science in teaching.