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The purpose of the Wyoming School Psychology Association shall be, through practice, education, and research to:

  • Serve the mental health and educational needs of all children and youth,
  • Encourage and provide opportunities for the professional growth of individual members,
  • Inform the public about the services and practice of school psychology,
  • Advance the ethics and standards of the profession of school psychology.

Position Paper:

The Power of the School Psychologist

Hello WSPA members, I wanted to take a few moments and wish you all a good start to the school year. I thought I would begin though with a story about the power of the school psychologist.

My family and I had recently moved into a new neighborhood in Buffalo. One day my two step-daughters were outside riding their bikes in front of our house. Apparently a couple similarly aged brothers, from the neighborhood, observed the two young ladies and being curious wanted to join them. Things went well for a while. There was serious “stunt riding” and fancy tricks by the boys (presumably to catch the attention of the two girls), but thankfully no major injuries. After a while, as often happens with younger children, a disagreement occurred and there was some teasing by one of the boys toward the two girls. Things seemed to go back and forth for a bit, then there was some escalation and one of the young men said something my middle step-daughter did not particularly appreciate. In an effort to stop this teasing, my step-daughter postured herself up and apparently in her most forceful 8-year-old voice stated, “oh yeah, well my step-dad is a school psychologist”. I know you will find this hard to believe, but her comment did not strike fear in the heart of the young men and immediately squash the teasing.  However, the children ended up going back to their respective houses to “report” the incident to their parents. About 10 minutes later the father of the young men shows up with one of the boys and has him apologize. All ended well and the children continued playing together, on a number of occasions, until the other family moved to a different house.

The reason I begin this year with this story is, while idea of a school psychologist did not bring the awe and response my step-child expected, I still believe there is a positive power which we as school psychologists bring to our schools and work environments. We may not fill our school coworkers with awe or hero like worship, but we do bring a unique set of skills and knowledge to schools. When we use these skills to support all students we have a significant positive impact in our schools and communities. So as this new school year begins I wish you all a positively impactful year. If I can be of any assistance to your during my tenure as the WSPA president, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thank you all for the work you do.


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